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DEZENT Leichmetallräder has its origins in the Sauerland region in Germany, the heart of the metal-working industry for the Germany automobile accessories market. This is where quality criteria and engineering standards are developed that alloy wheels “made in Germany” are famous for all over the world.

Not long ago alloy wheels were considered a luxury article for high-end and luxury-class cars. DEZENT’s broad product portfolio and fair price policy have helped make alloy wheels affordable for cars of all sizes and classes, as well as an indispensable means for customers to express their individuality through their cars.

Our extremely popular wheel design “F” is a wheel that creates a visually harmonious effect, giving nearly every car a sporty and elegant look. Our DEZENT “T”, featuring a dynamic spoke design, is yet another sales hit. Our “M” and “R” wheels meet the needs of modern SUVs, while our DEZENT “V” give even smaller cars a powerful motor sport flavour; the “V” also comes as the “V dark” featuring a black finish. Our “A” wheel design is the first wheel manufactured with our specially developed Nano tec finish, making it easy to clean.
Our years of expertise, experience in planning and logistics, capacity to store large quantities and proven risk stock policy ensure that DEZENT products are readily available all over the world.

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